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Compositon of Lvate

Each vegetarian capsule contains extracts equivalent to Standardized

Hypericum perforatum [333mcg of Hypericin and14 mg of Hyperforin] 200mg
Piper longum [20%Piperine] 100 mg
Turnera diffusa 100 mg
Butea superba 50 mg
Crocus sativas 10 mg

Mechanism of Action

Hypericum perforatum :inhibits nurotransmitter reuptake process and controls ejaculation by acting on Serotonin, norepinephrine GABA and Dopamine

Piper longum reduces stress and regulates nurotransmitter

Butea superba improves NO-cGMP pathway and helps in erection

Turnera diffusa ia a well known aphrodisiac and stimulates sexual activity

Crocus sativas improves the frequency of sexual intercourse


Premature / Early Ejaculation


1-2 capsules daily

Drug Interactions

Carbamazepine,Cyclosporin,nefidipine,theophylline,midazolam,Alochol ,SSRI's.,

Adverse Drug Reaction:

Mild GI upset, dull headache occasionally in susceptible individuals,these symptoms resolve on their own during the course of the treatment. However persistent headache and anorgasmia have been reported at very high doses of hypericum [900 -1500 mg/day]


At room temperature


Each Strip conatians 1x 10 capsules and Each box contains 10 strips