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The year 1969, was a momentous beginning for the pharmaceutical industry in India. Around four decades ago, the first Indo-Japanese venture was inked and a new entity known as Uni-Sankyo was born. The company was the first to manufacture fungal diastase and other enzymes, which had a huge demand in India. The professional approach of the Japanese corporation Sankyo, which joined hands with us, also saw the introduction of LAB, a probiotic, in India which is marketed both in the tablet and powder form. The brand name Sporlac is synonymous with good gut health but the use of Sporlac was just not limited to gut health, but saw varied applications in the field of Gynaecology, Cardiology, Herpetology and Oral Healthcare.

Fermentation technology was first introduced by Sanzyme. In addition to the fermentation technology, the market witnessed a huge demand for Gonadotropins, and Sanzyme was the first Indian company to cater to the needs of the Gynaecologist, by supplying quality hCG under the brand name Pubergen Injections. The quest did not end there., Sanzyme extended its range of Gonadotropins to FSH and HMG, catering to the needs of the healthcare providers. Sanzyme met the unmet needs of the Indian ART specialists and continues to do so even now, by supplying quality products to the healthcare providers in the EUDRA GMP certified plant.

The entity Uni-Sankyo ceased to exist from the year 2011 and became a complete Indian identity, rechristened as Sanzyme. However, the guiding principles and the manufacturing art of the Japanese are still retained. Moving on today, we have constructed 2 state of the art plants conforming to International Standards. In order, to maintain the quality of the products, we have a DSIR [Ministry of Science & Technology] approved R&D centre for development and testing of newer formulations.

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