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Key Benefits :

  • Uni-Ecotreat creates probiotic farming environment and speed up the natural process of organic load / sludge degradation.
  • Uni-Ecotreat contain the natural extract of Yucca schidegera. The extract contain two components steroidal saponins and glycol component that help in converting ammonia to non - toxic form.
  • Uni-Ecotreat contain naturally occurring bacteria that are capable of producing high concentration of enzymes, having the ability to degrade organic matter.
  • Uni-Ecotreat Probiotic organisms can consume a broad spectrum of pollutants, including surfactants, fats, sugars, starch etc. While eliminating the formation of hydrogen sulphide.
  • Uni-Ecotreat acts as a feed supplement by promoting the growth of healthy phyto / zoo plankton growth.
  • Uni-Ecotreat is effective in high range of pH and salinity.
Description : A brown powder with characteristic odour
Composition : Concentrated Yucca schidigera (50%) extract with Blend of probiotics.
Potency : 12 X 109 cfu/g
Dosage : 400 gm/acre of one metre water depth.
Storage & Handling : Do not freeze. Optimum temperature for storage in 35 C or below. Avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf Life : Best when used within 3 years of manufacturing date.
Presentation : 500 g.

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