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Contract Manufacturing : Injectable

A state of the art manufacturing facility, that has been approved by the European FDA and has been certified as a WHO manufacturing facility, is currently manufacturing Gonadotropins, for a number of companies of repute in India.The products that we manufacture are of international standards and comply with the Pharmacopoeial Standards.

Ensuring that we meet the domestic needs and also the international markets, we have a bio-assay facility that has the approval of CPSCEA, the governing body for welfare of  animals that are used for evaluation and testing of the Gonadotropins as per the Pharmacopoeial guidelines.The rodent species, used for our bio-assay are bred in-house and we have periodic health-checks, from veterinarians.The personnel involved in conduct of the asays,and the animal house maintenance staff undergo periodic medical checks.

Contract Manufacturing : Microbial Fermentation

Probiotics are a class of “good” or “friendly” bacteria that are inhabitants of the intestinal tract, which helps in digestion. They aid in digestion by breaking down food into their component parts for absorption into the body. “Bad” or “pathogenic” bacteria, on the other hand, can cause intestinal micro flora imbalances that lead to illness and diseases.

Partnering with Sanzyme on Contract Manufacturing :

Sanzyme is a reputed biotechnology company manufacturing fermentation products including probiotics, enzymes and other fermentation metabolites. Over the past 45 years Sanzyme has mastered the art of manufacturing probiotics.

Sanzyme is fully equipped with high end manufacturing equipment and an experienced team of key personnel. Our experience in the development and manufacturing of probiotic products is our distinctive advantage.

Sanzyme Ltd with years of experience and state of art fermentation facility it can  provide customers with pilot scale fermentation service & scale up to larger production runs.

Manufacturing facility at Sanzyme is designed to meet high purity standards and is meeting  the standard industry practices to ensure customers a supply of high quality product/probiotic cultures.

Sanzyme is having in-house quality control laboratory that enumerates and approves the quality of cultures produced.

Contract Manufacturing - Injectable

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Contract Manufacturing - Bulk Probiotic Strains

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