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A result of dedicated research in Biotechnology and Fermentation for the last 45 years, Sanzyme is known for its quality products in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors. A technology that was developed in technical collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo Japan, Uni-Sankyo has been a major manufacturer of infertility hormones viz Gonadotropins like hCG, HMG and FSH and Probiotics. Sanzyme is also active in the probiotic range for Aqua, Poultry and Vet.

Sanzyme has used its core technical expertise in microbiology to develop specific microbial Bioremediation & Bioaugmentation formulations to treat Industrial and Municipal Wastewater.

Based on our research we have developed "TECHNOLOGY" for Bioremediation / Bioaugmentation technology offers microbial treatment of Wastewater including Industrial & Municipal Waste Water Treatment, Advanced Bio-Composting of Sugar Mills Waste, Odor Control, Bioremediation and Bio-farming of Hydrocarbons and Lakes and Ponds relief program.

We derive our successful formulations from the ability to find and select unique, specialized microbes and making uncommon connections between microorganisms and challenging waste water environments. Our products contain blends of specially screened naturally occurring microbes with superior efficacy. Our products do not contain genetically manipulated or pathogenic bacteria and are safe to use.

We have designed a series of products, specifically to improve the efficiency of waste water treatment using specially acclimated bacteria to increase degradation of target substances.

Services: Consulting, Extensive Technical Backup, Trouble Shooting and Bioremediation Laboratory Analysis.


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General Manager
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