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Urinary tract stone disease has been a part of the human condition for millennia; in fact, bladder and kidney stones have even been found in Egyptian mummies. Some of the earliest recorded medical texts and figures depict the treatment of urinary tract stone disease. Most of the medicine departments manage patients with acute renal colic, every day, the mainstay of the acute phase of treatment being NSAIDs for the management of pain, antibiotics for either prevention or treatment of infections and alkalinizers. In the later part of the treatment, either conservative management with dietary restrictions, followed by ESWL [Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy] or other surgical procedures deemed fit by the healthcare provider. Recurrent obstruction, especially when associated with infection and tubular epithelial or renal interstitial cell damage from microcrystals, may activate the fibrogenic cascade, which is mainly responsible for the actual loss of functional renal parenchyma, and may over a period of time if untreated lead to renal damage.

Post surgery despite the best dietary restrictions, with increased fluid consumption, the recurrence of renal calculi and ureter stones are still a large problem. Although a number of ayurvedic, homoepathic and other preparations are available, cure rates are low and recurrence rates are high.

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