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Urofollitropins (FSH)

In 1927 Ascheim and William Zondek, demonstrated the presence of a circulating substance in the blood and urine of pregnant women contained a gonad-stimulating substance.Gonadotropin therapy is an essential component in the routine management of infertility, and has undergone dramatic changes both in terms of manufacture and utilization. Animal pituitary extracts, pregnant mare serum, human placental extracts,human cadavers were all in use from the early 1930's.

Sanzyme is one of the few pharmaceutical compnaies in the world, that has strived for excellence, by building a state of the art manufacturing facility that has obtained a European Drug Regulatory Accredition, and has been the fore runner in supplying a variety of gonadotropin formulations to some of the reputed pharmaceutical companies in India who market the formulations. It is just not the manufacturing facility, but also the bio-assay facility for evaluating the potency of the raw-material and finished formulations in the animal house, that houses a variety of rodent spcies, for evaluation of gonadotropins as per the Indian, British and United States Pharmacopoeias.

The Quality Control and Management Sytems are being constantly upgraded to meet the National and International regulatory requirements.The manufacturing process, which involves one crucial step called Lyophilization has been mastered by us to ensure that the protein part of the injection does not get denatured during manufacture and after manufacture till the end of the specified shelf-life.

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