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Medication, stress, addictions such as smoking, liquor consumption, fad diets, junk foods are all a part of the modern day society we have accepted as a part of our lives. However, these agents, have a great impact on the overall health of an individual, and an even greater impact on the sperm function. Reactive Oxygen Species [ROS] are generated both at exogenous and endogenous levels and can damage different parts of the spermatozoa including mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and thus impair sperm function. Spermatozoa are susceptible to oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS)

It is well known that mitochondrial dysfunction is responsible for a variety of disorders. Oxidative stress occurs when the production of potentially destructive reactive oxygen species (ROS) exceeds the bodies own natural antioxidant defences, resulting in cellular damage. Oxidative stress is a common pathology seen in approximately half of all infertile men. ROS, defined as including oxygen ions, free radicals and peroxides are generated by sperm and seminal leukocytes within semen and produce infertility by two key mechanisms. First, they damage the sperm membrane, decreasing sperm motility and its ability to fuse with the oocyte. Second, ROS can alter the sperm DNA, resulting in the passage of defective paternal DNA on to the concept us.

Unfortunately for those individuals, who have a sperm membrane damage along with mitochondrial damage, need a corrective treatment. Unlike other disorders, the only available treatment as of now is using nutraceutical substances, with minerals/micronutrients for protecting spermatozoa against membrane damage and mitochondrial damage. A combination of antioxidnats, membrane protectors and substance that prevents damage to the DNA of the spermatozoa.

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