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Sexual Healthcare

Sexual function is a fundamental part of a man’s or womans identity and how he /she feels about himself or her. A man’s / womans sexual health (or dysfunction) has also been found to be a key factor in determining the capacity for maintaining healthy relationships. People with good sex lives live longer and healthier lives. A rational and systematic study of human sexual behavior dates back at least to the ancient Greeks. Greek Physicians like Hippocrates and the philosophers Plato and Aristotle have conducted extensive studies researched sex, sexual behaviour and sexual dysfunction.

Ancient Greek, Arabic Chinese and Indian physicians who are pioneers in many fields, and have always stressed more on the male sexual health, problems and treating them. However it is only the males, but also the females, who suffer from sexual dysfunction, such as low libido, lack of orgasms etc. Although modern medications are available for treating disorders, the use of pro-sexual nutrient is fast gaining popularity, as a lot of research has gone into studying the male and female sexual health disorders. Pro-sexual nutrients are combinations of natural plant extracts, whole root powders, bark etc, that are used for a number of ailments in either maintaining or improving sexual function. Pro-sexual nutrients, are being extensively documented and patented by various organisations from India, such as CDRI, ICMR ,RRL and other institutes who are studying these nutrients to improve the quality of lives of the individuals.

The pro-sexual nutrients that have been formulated by Sanzyme are based on the ancient traditional systems and the Indian Materia Medica. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) and WHO (World Health Organization) have published numerous studies and compiled monographs on phyto-nutrients being used as pro-sexual nutrients.

In our endeavour to alleviate the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in males and females which threatens the very foundation of relationships of marriage, documented pro-sexual nutrients, are being formulated by us, gaining a place as an agent with few or no side-effects for alleviating of the symptoms, unless an organic dysfunction.

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